Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Running around

Wednesday 3 September 2013

We've been quite busy since we've been back. Catching up with family and friends, finding the garden of our house in the undergrowth, getting the van MOT'd and advertised for sale and applying for all sorts of jobs.

I've also been trying to get into running which, I have to admit, has never come naturally to me. Dave came back from the library with a great book written by Sara Kirkham which, in a really easily readable format, covers everything a beginner, like me, needs to know. There are chapters on stretching, running programmes, injuries and even the psychology of running. In the past I am sure I have used every excuse listed in the 'obstacles to running' section plus a few others!

Why now? Well having previously led quite a sedentary life losing about 2 stone during our time away has been great and I'm determined to try and lose some more weight and, more importantly, increase my fitness level. Here in Shrewsbury we have a fantastic flat route along a lime tree lined avenue in the Quarry, a lovely park in the town centre. It's a popular place for walking, jogging, sprinting, cycling and even rowing on the river Severn that loops all the way around the park.

Dave hasn't managed to run much since his foot was squashed under a heavy Romanian boot whilst helping push a car out of a ford in April, so he is happy to jog along with me as I start off on my 6 week running programme for beginners. 

Week 1 was Run 1 minute, Walk 2 minutes x 6 repetitions - Easy peasy
Week 2 was Run 2 minutes, Walk 2 minutes x 5 repetitions - Do-able bit breathless

I'm currently on Week 3 - Run 3 minutes, Walk 1 minute x 5 repetitions, which has felt like quite a big step up and my blotchy red face and aching legs must surely mean it's doing me some good. The last page of the book has a paragraph entitled ' The next step....running a marathon?' - mmm ...... not sure about that, watch this space!


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    1. Yes! Believe me - if I had a pool in the front garden I would much prefer to be swimming 100 lengths than 20 minutes running. Got room for a long-term lodger?