Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Decisions, decisions....

When we left on our travels family and friends questioned our sanity, leaving secure jobs, selling belongings and abandoning our 'children'! Now we're back in the UK and the question on the tip of everyones tongue is 'What are you going to do now....'

If Dave had his way we would be signing up for a trip to Mars..... seriously! The mission is planned for January 2018 and they are looking for an 'older, tested couple' able to withstand the stress of living in a confined environment for two years. Read the full story here! I think his only worry is there is no mention of alcohol supplies amongst the 1360kg of dried food and 28kg of toilet paper!

Turkish moon (closest photo I have of Mars!)

So until 2018 we need to find something to do that will enable us to start saving up for another campervan trip. Already Dave has 2 months work teaching dinghy sailing on the Queen Mary reservoir near Heathrow and I have applied for 6 temporary jobs in London. Whether we stay down there, return to Shropshire or settle somewhere else is all to be this space!

18th C milestone in Shrewsbury - where to go from here?